End of working 2011

Well, just about to wrap up working for 2011. For the first time in years I’ve actually got a completely clear christmas break with no planned work. And hopefully the last year’s work will help ensure no unplanned work callouts either.

Looking forward to 2012; I’ve just sorted my registration for all 3 days of SQLBits in London at the end of March, and it’s looking likely that I’ve scored some Dynamics CRM 2011 training off the back of a project.

Sort of dreading having to look at rebuying my ‘work’ library next year as tle SQL 2012 books start hitting the shelves. There is a temptation to look at an E-reader to save on space/cost, but the Kindle has never really impressed, and initial reports on the Kindle Fire for technical documents aren’t promising, this could finally push me over the edge in iPad ownership.

One of the last jobs for this year was setting up mirroring for an application between 2 geo-clustered SQL installs. Really looking forward to the AlwaysOn availability groups coming in SQL Server 2012 as it looks like it will remove a lot of the pain and overhead involved in these sort of scenarios, (In fact I’ve picked this session “AlwaysOn: Maximizing High Availability with SQL Server 2012” by Allan Hirt for my Thursday session at SQLBits.

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