Please tell me I’m wrong

Go on. Please? I know noone likes to be shown they’re wrong. But being told you’ve got something wrong is great motivator to try and find out if you are. The quickest way to spur someone into really researching a subject than to point out a purported flaw in there knowlege. And it feels great when you find out you’re right, and even if you’re wrong, you know now the right answer.

This can be one of the best parts of a training course. Get 2 DBAs on a course (this is especially good if it’s a non Database course) and watch the sparks fly when there’s a difference of opinion on the wording of something. There’ll either be a great raging debate, or a lot of furtive googling while the instructor isn’t watching. Maybe even quoting of famous SQL bloggers or referring to obscure manufacturer briefing documents. Then at the next coffee break there’ll be a conversation about what was actually meant, arguments from experience, pleading that it was how the last version worked, arguing that it depends on OLTP vs OLAP/VLDB vs LBD/Sparc vs Itanium, makes difference if you’re on SAN rather than DAS, ad nauseum, ad infitum.

But the important thing is that one or more person is going to learn something, and that’s the most important thing. The minute you stop learning something you stop progressing as a DBA or IT professional, and you might as well resign yourself to doing the same thing for the next 30 years.

So please, tell me I’m wrong. Ill thank you for it in 20 years…………


Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore

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