The Internet – My saviour and My nemesis

Like any good SQL DBA these days, the internet is a godsend to my career and professional development. I can quickly and easily find articles and notes from world experts on complex topics, and even interact with those experts as well via twitter, email or skype. Compared to the bad old days of having to know someone’s phone number, or battling through tiers of support to get to someone who knew something this is absolutely amazing.

But, on the other hand…….

How many of us are now used to a user (of many levels) coming across to our desk, or dropping us an email about a great new technique they’ve just seen on a random internet search. The canonical examples are with (nolock) and the ever classic one about restoring deleted rows directly out of transaction logs.

As always these are things where the correct answer to “Is this a good idea?” is “It depends”.

As SQL Server DBAs/experts we’ve worked hard to build up a level of internal filtering that lets us look at the post on StackExchange or Twitter, step back and evaluate if it’s something that’s really a good idea. We’ll then have taken it away and played with it on development systems before we think about adding it to our toolkit so we’re fully aware of the techniques limitations. And if we ever do have to deploy it in a production environment we’re also well aware of the amount of work that’s needed, and the amount needed if it goes wrong, and we’ll know which mug will be fixing it,

Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore

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