Cloud Services

For many organisations just starting up, the outlay for hardware, licensing and physical server location costs can be overwhelming, if not show stoping. Even for well established organisations the ongoing cost of increasing storage and expansion can be preventing them from pursuing profitable avenues for growth.

With the advent of Cloud Services, organisations of all sizes can now build flexible infrastructures that can grow as needed, whilest only paying for the resources they need when they need them.

Imagine being able to:

Start off with a simple web server, application server and database model, paying pennies per hour to have it hosted. And then, as your application takes off and you begin to outgrow your simple set up, you can easily add more resources. Even allowing this to happen automatically. This model is widely used in the iPhone app market, as you only need to expand as you need, and the initial outlay is much lower

Having an infrastructure that can grow and contract with your seasonal needs. Afterall, why pay for the excess capacity when you don’t need it.

Not worrying that if your content starts to trend or your service’s popularity soars that your architecture won’t cope, or that upgrading or redesigning will take to long. Just extend your current infrastructure on the fly.

Move your old bulk storage to a remote secure storage archive, saving money on physical storage, media upgrades and safe in the knowledge that it’s well out of harm’s way in the event of a disaster

We can help this become a reality for you. We can help you to choose between the different Cloud models (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS), the differing providers and billing methods. We can also help you cut through the marketing hype to ensure you actually get what your organisation needs.