Database Consolidation

With the increasing power of commodity hardware and the economy encouraging mergers many organisations are looking at reducing their Server and Licensing costs by consolidating many database instances.

The benefits are many:

  • Lower hardware costs
  • Reducing licensing costs
  • Smaller energy overheads
  • Reduced hosting costs

But to realise these without harming performance is a balancing act. Each system will need Performance Tuning to ensure it’s using the correct amount of resources. The intended hardware will need to be stress tested to ensure if can cope with the combined workload. Migrating the systems will need to be done with the minimum of downtime and disruption. Disaster Recovery plans will need to be revised and tested.

Leaf Node can help with all of these tasks. We have experience of consolidating down to multiple instances on single hardware, implementing fully clustered solutions to host many large instances, working with 3rd party ISVs to migrate their applications. We’ve probably seen every combination possible, and can provide you with the insight and advice you need to ensure success.

Leaf Node

About Leaf Node

Leaf Node aim to provide you with the best advice and technical expertise possible. We have many years experience of working with a wide range of Database systems and Infrastructures. We believe our job is to help you and your staff to achieve success in the quickest, simplest and most efficient way.

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