Recruitment services

Recruiting skilled database staff can be a long and difficult process. How do you know which skills they should have, and how can you check that they can do what they say they can? Which database qualifications mean something?  And do they give an accurate picture of someone’s abilities? What different skills should you be looking at for a Production DBA, a Development DBA or a Database Developer?

At Leaf Node we have years of experience of recruitment processes at a wide range of organisations, and combined with our knowledge of what makes a good DBA we can help you find the ideal candidate. We can help at any part of the recruitment process:

  • Drafting a person specification
  • Helping to shortlist from applications
  • Helping to write interview questions or scenarios
  • Sitting in with your staff members on the interview
  • Reviewing the interviews and assesments

We do not put forward candidates for jobs, and we are not associated with any employment agencies, so you can be sure that our advice is impartial, and our only aim is to make sure you get the best candidate working for you