SQL Server Performance Tuning

The performance of your databases are critical to your Business’s success. A poorly performing database can prevent you from using it efficiently or make your clients give up and go elsewhere.

SQL Server performance tuning shouldn’t be something that should just happen when your systems are grinding to a halt. Performance should be built in from the early design phases, and then evaluated throughout the lifecycle of your systems.

Leaf Node can help at all stages of your database lifecycle. We can help design your database, or offer an unbiased appraisal of your intended design. We can help you understand how your system will function as it grows, and why some ‘easy’ choices at the start could cost you dearly when your system grows. We can provide analysis when you’re growth takes you into new territory. And we can provide a helping hand should the worst happen and performance degrades.

We firmly believe that one of the best way for an organisation to ensure continuing performance is to make sure that your staff are fully trained and conversant with the best techniques and methods for maintaing SQL Server performance. After a thorough evaluation of your current performance and issues, we can create a course just for you, ensuring that your staff have a solid grasp of the fundamentals supplemented with knowledge tailored to your specifics.