Leaf Node offer a wide range of training courses across a wide range of technologies, which we are continually expanding.

We can also offer training courses developed specifically for you. Perhaps you’d like to combine an introduction to SQL Server Performance training with an overview of SQL Server Backup and Recovery, or even a combined Introductory course to SQL Server and Oracle databases.

We can train on-site at your premises, or organise a suitable venue for your attendees.

All of our courses include full course notes and slides, plus all demo scripts and databases so that you can work through the demonstrations to reinforce the training. Our trainers will also provide suggested further reading and resources for further study, and will be available for questions even after the course has finished.

With the current financial woes, training your staff is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing your efficiency and protecting your companies assets. Sending your staff on our SQL Server Performance tuning course can help you extract the best performance from your current hardware allowing you to scale your business on your current infrastructure. One of our Disaster Recovery courses will ensure that you can weather an unexpected IS disaster with the minimum of impact on your business. By training non technical staff in database technology you can begin to increase your technical resources with staff who already understand the business, and ease project planning as more key players with have an understanding of the technology involved.