Introduction to SQL Server Performance Tuning

This is a 2 day hands on course where we cover a wide range of topics with the aim to give attendees a solid foundation in SQL Server Performance tuning techniques.

Over the 2 days we will cover the following topics:

  • The core components of SQL Server and how they work together
  • The memory structures
  • The Operating system components that need to be tuned to ensure SQL Server operates effieciently
  • How to capture statistics from the Operating system, and which of the multitude will offer the most information.
  • How SQL Server retrieves data from its data files, and how this can be influencedSQL
  • SQL Server’s Dynamic Management Views and Functions
  • Indexes, and how they can improve or impede query performance
  • Tools, and they’re settings to help you identify problems
  • Strategies for resolving common performance issues
  • How performance can be designed in from the start

We can also offer courses tailored to your specific needs and environment. Please contact us for more information.