SQL Server Extended Events

Extended events were introduced by Microsoft in SQL Server 2008, and have been refined and improved through SQL Server 2008R2 and SQL Server 2012 into a full replacement for SQL Trace and Profiler. It is now a lightweight flexible platform that lets you drill down into what is happening under the covers of SQL Sever. You can use it to identify performance issues, or to examine in minute detail how proposed solutions will work, or to find bad practices in your application.

And with Microsoft’s announcement in SQL Server 2012 of the deprecation of SQL Trace and Profiler it means they will be completely removed in a later release, so now is the time to start learning to use the new tools and migrating existing procedure across.

The course is available in 3 formats:

  • A 2 hour introductory session. This is predominantly presentation based, with some ¬†instructor demonstrations of various use cases. This is a slightly extended version of a presentation that’s been well recieved at User Groups

  • A half day session. In addition to the presentation and examples, this will include:
    • Hands on Demos
    • More complex usage cases
    • Deeper exploration of possible performance hits, and how to avoid them

  • Full day session. Building upon the above sessions, and adding:
    • Combining datasets across instances
    • Deeper explanation of the XML structure of Extended Events results
    • Examining processes for migrating from SQL Trace to Extended events

Please contact us for more details and availability.